Company Overview

In May of 2014 Turnagain was started with the conviction that there was a better way to meet the unique needs of the Alaskan construction market. Jason Davis has assembled a team of highly experienced craftsmen, engineers, and project managers dedicated to providing the best project experience possible. Davis has leveraged the group’s collective experience to specify and commission a fleet of equipment designed specifically for heavy marine projects in the Alaskan environment. His management team has installed some of the toughest marine foundations in the state.

This company was formed to specialize in the construction of heavy marine structures that require rock socketing, anchoring, and pinning. The initial equipment selection, hiring, and outfitting were tailored specifically for the challenges of Alaska offshore construction.

Alaskan Construction

The Turnagain management team has constructed facilities worth hundreds of millions of dollars across Alaska. Davis has managed over 50 projects from Ketchikan to Nome since 2000. In that time he and his team have perfected marine logistics, learned how to safely and effectively work in foul weather, and developed means and methods for delivering remote projects successfully and on time.

Turnagain has a port facility leased on the Duwamish River in Puget Sound for staging materials and loading barges. The facility has adequate space to perform inventory QC and verification before the barges are loaded and towed to their project sites. Turnagain’s pre-mobilization process combined with procurement phase QC insures that all the correct materials arrive in good condition. This seemingly simple process of gathering and loading materials is vital to a firm’s ability to meet the project schedule and perform their work economically.

Subcontractor relationships are vital to successful project execution in semi-remote locations in Alaska. Since their staff has been working in the area since before 2000 Turnagain has an exceptionally committed and capable subcontractor network. While any contractor can get sub-quotes, Turnagain knows the right subs, vendors and service suppliers to use in order to build the best project team.

Design Build

The Turnagain team has completed several design build port and harbor projects. Currently Turnagain is in the process of performing a complete design build floating cruise ship dock and 700 foot long access trestle in Hoonah, Alaska. The terminal is set to be completed in the fall of 2015. Prior to Turnagain’s inception, Jason Davis was Project Manager for the execution of the $30mm design build Carl E Mosses commercial boat harbor in Unalaska. The project was delivered on time, without any injuries, and without a single contractor initiated change order.

In 2013 Davis managed White Pass Floating Cruise Berth project in Skagway. The project consisted of removing dolphins and installing a 230’ x 55’ floating dock with a 150’ passenger and light vehicle ramp. Pile were socketed and anchored similar to the Hoonah project which begins spring of 2015.

In 2009 Davis was the project manager on a $24mm design build outfall for King County that won the ENR project of the year. The project consisted of designing and installing two 63” HDPE outfall lines that extended a mile off shore into 600 feet of water. The project was completed without any contractor initiated change orders, no safety incidents, and over a year ahead of schedule.

Shallow Bedrock Foundations

Shallow Bedrock FoundationThe Turnagain team has experience with dozens of drill systems and methods. If difficult conditions exist, this team is the best suited to select a method to productively get the work done.

One of the tenets of operation that Turnagain follows is to never separate the drilling and pile driving scope through subcontracting. Subcontracting the drilling creates a conflict of interest in an intrinsically bound process. Turnagain believes it is vital to the project’s success that these processes are not separated and will always perform the entire scope in house.


Equipment in actionTurnagain Marine has invested in cutting edge marine equipment specifically designed for severe conditions and remote operations. Their primary barge is a 280’ x 76’ ABS barge with a 350 ton ringer crane on deck. The ringer crane has 10 times more capacity than a 225 ton crawler at 100 feet. The barge is able to work in extreme conditions and hold station due to its 52” x 100 foot long steel spuds and heavy duty 6 point mooring system.

Their drilling equipment is brand new state of the art equipment designed to drill through a vast array of soil types and rock conditions. This system has been in use in Norway for several years but they are the first US contractor on the West Coast to invest in the new technology.

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Turnagain Marine was allowed to join the prestigious Signal Mutual Group for their USL&H Long Shore workman’s comp. To be a member of this Mutual a company must meet strict safety and performance criteria. Turnagain has not had an injury to date and has implemented a stringent safety program. Their culture supports safe and incident free operations as the foundation in everything they do.


At Turnagain, integrity and fair dealing are paramount to how they perform business. As a new company they are constantly judged on the merit of their people. The Turnagain management team’s past performance and reputation for fair, honest dealing has been largely responsible for their immediate success. Turnagain is founded on long term vision and will not sacrifice their future or jeopardize their reputation.