Robert Storrs Harbor
Robert Storrs Harbor C Float Replacement

Company Overview

In May of 2014 Turnagain was started with the conviction that there was a better way to meet the unique needs of the Alaskan construction market. Jason Davis has assembled a team of highly experienced craftsmen, engineers, and project managers dedicated to providing the best project experience possible. Davis has leveraged the group’s collective experience to specify and commission a fleet of equipment designed specifically for heavy marine projects in the Alaskan environment. His management team has installed some of the toughest marine foundations in the state.

This company was formed to specialize in the construction of heavy marine structures that require rock socketing, anchoring, and pinning. The initial equipment selection, hiring, and outfitting were tailored specifically for the challenges of Alaska offshore construction.


Jobsite Safety

Turnagain Marine was selected to join the prestigious Signal Mutual Group for their USL&H Long Shore workman’s compensation. To be a member of this Mutual, a company must meet strict safety and performance criteria. Turnagain’s stringent safety program is reflected in our low incident record. Our culture is founded on safe and incident free operations in everything we do.


Integrity and fair dealing are paramount to how we do business at Turnagain. Wherever we do business, we are judged on the merit of our people. Our management team, field crews, and support staff are known for being responsive, honest and courteous. We believe in what we do, and we will not sacrifice our future or jeopardize our reputation. Our success is founded on our good performance and our reputation for fair, honest dealing.