Crane Barges

Turnagain Marine owns several crane barges with capacities up to 125 tons at 100 feet revolving. The crane barges are equipped with 6-point mooring systems (expandable to 8-point), 100’ long octagonal spuds, and cranes carrying in excess of 200 feet of main boom. Turnagain also maintains a fleet of Flexifloats for inland and restricted access projects.

  • Brightwater

    280’ x 76’ x 16’ with 275 ton crane capacity
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    Brightwater Crane Barge
  • Swiftwater

    230’ x 60’ x 15.5’ with 250 ton crane capacity


Turnagain Marine owns cranes configured to fulfill the needs of working in a marine environment. With larger capacities and boom lengths, they are ideally suited for heavy Alaskan marine construction projects. To compliment these cranes, Turnagain uses several models of smaller cranes for smaller upland and harbor projects.
Swift Water

  • American 9310 Ringhorse

    275 ton ringer crane
  • Link-Belt LS-718

    250 ton crawler crane

Pile Installation Equipment

Turnagain possesses a state-of-the-art drilling system capable of socketing piles from 8 inches to 48 inches in diameter. In addition, we maintain a suite of pile driving hammers and drilling equipment to meet the varying demands of marine construction projects.

  • Impact Hammers

  • Vibratory Hammers

  • Rock Anchor Drills

  • Pile Socketing Down-the-Hole Hammers