Turnagain has the capacity and experience to lead both large and small scale all design-build projects. Our management approach is flexible to our clients needs to insure cost effective project delivery.

Marine Structures

This team has experience installing bulkheads, dolphins, docks, piers, and most other marine structures.

Piers/ Docks

Our team is experienced in steel, timber, cast-in-place, and pre-cast dock construction. In addition to new construction, we are experienced in retrofit, repairs and upgrades of existing facilities.

Driven Pile

Turnagain has the equipment and personnel to drive piling of all sizes and types. Ranging from small diameter pin pile up to large diameter caissons, Turnagain can install any steel, concrete, and timber pile in accordance with the project requirements.

Socketed Pile

Turnagain is equipped to socket any diameter pile up to 48 inches. Socketing is required in areas of shallow bedrock or where the marine sediments are too week to support pile.

Rock Anchors

Turnagain installs post tensioned rock anchors using high tensile bar or tendons. We also offer heavy duty pipe pile rock pins that develop bearing, shear and moment capacity as well as tension.

Heavy-Lift Support

Turnagain has equipment ready to support project heavy-lift needs. The Brightwater barge can lift 300 tons at 50 feet, 125 tons at 100 feet, and 35 tons at 240 feet. In addition, the Swiftwater is equipped with a large and versatile 250-ton crawler crane.

Offshore Crane & Barge Support

The Turnagain barges are equipped with 6-point mooring systems and large anchors designed for mooring in the most difficult of conditions including Cook Inlet. These barges are also configured with the ability to easily expand these mooring systems for specific project needs as requested.