Let’s build something great TOGETHER. Join the Turnagain Marine Construction team.


Let’s build something great TOGETHER. Join the Turnagain Marine Construction team.


Elevate your professional path and gain access to a wealth of talent, skills, and industry knowledge. Every role at Turnagain, from design and construction to engineering and support, helps make up the foundation that our very business is built on. The Turnagain team is diligent, diverse, and committed to delivering the best possible service for our clients and candidates every day.

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Building a dynamic work environment

Turnagain has been dedicated to providing top-tier benefits for all employees since our inception in 2014. It’s what distinguished us at the beginning, and it continues to differentiate us today. Turnagain Marine Construction cares about your well-being both inside and outside the workplace, and we’re dedicated to benefits that support your health and wellness: mental, physical, financial, and family support.

Health and Wellness

✓ Health Insurance Plan Options
✓ Medical and Prescription Drug Coverage
✓ Dental and Vision Insurance
✓ Health Savings Plan


✓ The Turnagain Marine Construction Savings and Investment Plan 401(k)
✓ Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance ✓ Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance
✓ Tax-Advantaged Accounts


✓ Paid Family and Medical Leave
✓ Employee Assistance Program
✓ Paid Time Off




A Dedication to Your Success

We specialize in nurturing enduring relationships with our employees. With Turnagain Marine Construction, your potential for growth knows no bounds. We know you’re prepared to face any challenge, and our team possesses the tools to guarantee your success. No matter where you are or what you do, Turnagain Marine Construction’s team is ready to assist with your next career step.

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Built on Resilience and Ingenuity

Over the years we’ve delivered exceptional results for cruise line ports, harbors, and private developments worldwide, fostering long-lasting client relationships along the way.

We’ve accomplished this by staying true to our core values:


Our team manages every element of the project development, eliminating hand-offs and uncertainty associated with multiple stakeholders.


Since we are involved in every aspect of the project development, we have the ability to explore solutions other groups cannot.


From end-to-end, we are responsible for meeting your objectives.

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